The NCAA should probably stop doing college football power rankings

We bet you didn’t know that the NCAA does college football power rankings on its official website. We also bet you didn’t know that whoever the NCAA has tasked with putting together these power rankings puts absolutely no thought into them. And if they do put thought into them, those thoughts are obviously incorrect thoughts.

Need a few examples? Well, this week’s No. 1 team is the Florida State Seminoles and they were the No. 1 team even in Week 6 after having just lost to NC State. The No. 3 team is Texas Tech and a team with TWO losses, Arizona State is at No. 7. And just for good measure, Oklahoma State, who was the initial No. 1 team in the NCAA’s power rankings, rounds out the top 10 despite its two losses.

Luckily, the power rankings only go 15 deep, so you won’t have to rack your brain for reasons how the NCAA came up with this for more than 15 spots. But once you read the full rankings, 15 will be quite enough.

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