Sorry Texas fans, Mack Brown says he has no plans to retire

Because we’re alums of Florida State University, we know this song and dance all too well. The head football coach has a ton of success at a school and almost becomes untouchable at said school. Program begins a slow downward spiral under said coach. But said coach wants to hang on because he thinks he can right the ship and ride off into the sunset.

That was what happened to Bobby Bowden at FSU and now it’s happening to Mack Brown at Texas.

On Saturday, the Longhorns gave up 63 points in their loss to Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout. Predictably, the word “retire” began to be uttered by Longhorn fans in regards to Brown. But as Bowden had at FSU before being forced out, Brown is refusing to even discuss retirement. And just as Bowden once said, “I know I’ve got time to fix it and I know I can.”

“I’m way too competitive and (have) way too much pride to leave something bad,” Brown said, adding he still thinks Texas can win 10 games this season

“When I decided to come back, I told them it was going to take some time,” Brown said. “We sat down and had hard discussions. They were 100 percent in their support. They said, `We want you to stay and we’ll give you the time and money to do it.’ That’s not an issue.”

“I’ve got great bosses. This job isn’t like the others,” Brown said. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

After Saturday’s loss to Oklahoma, when the television cameras often caught Brown looking frustrated on the sideline, the coach clearly expected his team to hear speculation about his future. He told his players he wasn’t going anywhere.

“He told us he wasn’t going to quit and didn’t want to see any quit in us, either,” offensive lineman Mason Walters said.

Sorry Texas fans. Like we said earlier, we’ve seen this all before. And it’s not going to end well.

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