Plaxico Burress is the latest unemployed receiver letting a NFL team know he’s interested

Veteran receivers that still think they can play in the NFL are taking their unemployment in their own hands these days. On Monday, Terrell Owens announced to the Jets (and his Twitter followers) that he was “ready, willing, & able!” Jets coach Rex Ryan considered it for a second, before someone in the organization stressed that they were not interested. And now, another free agent receiver is expressing his interest in signing with a NFL team dealing with an injury to one their receivers.

Roman Modrowski of ESPN Chicago reached out to Plaxico Burress to gauge his interest in joining the Bears who have lost rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery to a broken hand. And Burress couldn’t wait to let Modrowski know that he is indeed interested.

“For me to get to a football town like Chicago and play with a group of guys like (Matt) Forte, Brian (Urlacher), (Brandon Marshall) and Jay (Cutler) would be an honor,” Burress said by phone on Tuesday. “I just have to get the green light.”

“You just look at what they already have in place,” Burress said. “Jay’s been one of my favorite quarterbacks for some time now.

“And I trained this whole offseason with Forte in South Florida. You see a guy like him doing the things he’s able to do, watch the guy’s work ethic, and it’s incredible. And Brandon is one of the top five receivers in football. You talk about adding me to that offense, and teams won’t know who to guard in the red zone. It’s about creating match-up problems.”

Burress, who is keeping in shape, said he planned to talk to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, later Tuesday and would express his interest in the Bears.

“I’m going to tell him if an opportunity in Chicago presents itself, I want to go now,” Burress said. “I just want to go out and play.”

As a Bears fans, can’t say I’m totally against signing Burress. But at this point, we’re pretty happy with what we have in place, so there’s really not a need to sign Burress. But all that could change.

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  3. Dan Rogers says:

    The best place for Plaxico now is right back here in Pittsburgh. He strayed from home for a while and got himself into some difficulties, but the Steeler family — and it is indeed a family in the best sense of the word — is the cure for what ails him. Plax and Big Ben are a real good combination, and Plax has some real good friends here in “the Burgh.”

  4. doug munn says:

    i would love to have plax with brandon marshall and jefferys when he returns and the money you get him for a half a season how can we lose on this deal it cant do anything but help he will play hard cause he wants a contract for next year. he could be just what the doctor ordered for the redzone.

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