Pat Shurmur is confronting anyone in Cleveland who is critical of the Browns

The first two years in Cleveland are not going as planned for Pat Shurmur. His overall record in Cleveland is 4-17 and this season, his Browns team is 0-5 and has the dubious distinction of being the only winless team in the NFL.

The missteps this season started almost immediately for Shurmur when he blamed everyone except Brandon Weeden for Weeden’s dismal performance. And now, Shurmur has taking a liking to confront any and all Cleveland media members that are critical of the Browns.

According to Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland, Shurmur battling with the media in Cleveland has become “a daily occurrence.” And just like the Browns on the field, Shurmur is losing those battles.

In the last week alone, Shurmur has confronted a former Browns coach for critical comments he made on a local radio show; tossed a few F-bombs after a reporter pressed him to go on the record about Trent Richardson’s excused absence at a Browns practice; and then over-reacted to legitimate and fair questions about a game-changing play-call in the 41-24 loss to the Giants.

This follows weeks of condescending answers and comments to questions posed at his daily press conferences by media members who are trying to explain to long-suffering Browns fans – Haslam’s future customers — why the team continues to lose, while other floundering teams such as the St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings appear to be turning it around.

If Shurmur was actually winning, this type of behavior could maybe be swept under the rug. But with an 0-5 team, and new management waiting in the wings, Shurmur may be punching his ticket out of Cleveland.

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