Now Lance Armstrong is being accused of bribing other cyclists to fix races

The old saying goes, when it rains, it pours. But for Lance Armstrong, the rain is quickly turning into a monsoon.

Having already had his Tour de France titles stripped for him, been fingered as the kingpin of doping in cycling, and had to quietly watch as company after company cut ties with him, now he’s dealing with yet another scandal.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation uncovered court documents that prove that Armstrong bribed cyclists in a series of races in order to win a $1 million bonus. Yes, now Lance Armstrong is accused of fixing races.

The network said the allegation came from a sworn deposition given by New Zealand cyclist Steven Swart in Armstrong’s 2006 lawsuit against a Dallas-based insurance company. SCA Promotions, Armstrong contended, failed to make a promised $5 million bonus payment after the American cyclist won his sixth Tour de France.

Swart alleged that Armstrong offered an opponent $50,000 to help fix the CoreStates U.S. Pro Cycling race in Philadelphia as well as events in Pittsburgh and West Virginia. The bonus was offered for anyone capturing all three, which Armstrong did.

According to Swart, the first contact was made by a member of Armstrong’s Motorola team to one of his Coors teammates. The two men then men met with Armstrong and Anderson in the latter two’s hotel room.

They were offered $50,000 “if we didn’t be aggressive and challenge for the rest of the race and obviously for the final race in Philadelphia.”

The riders, Swart said, agreed to keep it quiet because such a thing wasn’t “ethical . . . in the sporting arena.”
Swart emphasized in his testimony, the network said, that Armstrong probably would have won all three races anyway.

“So as far as I was concerned,” he said, “I was walking away with a bonus.”

Of course Armstrong denies it all, but he’s been denying he never doped. And we see had that has turned out.

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