Nick Saban says Derek Dooley “is doing a fantastic job” at Tennessee

It’s not unusual for Nick Saban to make statements that don’t really make sense. Case in point, Saban’s comments about Derek Dooley after Alabama dominated Tennessee 44-13.

Saban used his opening statement in his post-game press conference to shower his former assistant with praise. Praise that most in Knoxville don’t agree with it.

And since this is obviously “Saban-talk”, there are only two possible meaning of those comments. Either he wants to keep a punching bag like Dooley in Knoxville or he wants a former assistant to do well so it just adds to the Saban mystique.

“I think Tennessee’s team really played hard,” Saban said. “I think that Derek is doing a fantastic job. They have been better and better every year that we’ve played them. We were fortunate today that our defense played well enough to keep their high-powered offense to just 13 points.”

So let’s see here, Dooley’s first season in Knoxville was 2010. Since then, the Tide have beaten the Vols 41-10, 37-6, and 44-13.

Yeah, Saban just wants to keep the Derek Dooley punching bag in Knoxville.

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