NFL players vote Tim Tebow as league’s most overrated player

Sports Illustrated asked 180 players who they think is the most overrated players were and the usual suspects made the list:

– The most popular backup quarterback/punt protector/running back/shirtless runner in the league, Tim Tebow.

– Everyone’s favorite quarterback that probably should be a backup quarterback in the league, Mark Sanchez.

– Serial underachiever, Tony Romo.

– Fumble machine, Mike Vick.

– The greatest jumper on piles in NFL history, Ray Lewis.

Of course, Tim Tebow beat all out his opposition taking home 34% of the vote. But the player in second is who caught our eye. And with 8% of the vote, that player is Mark Sanchez.

That’s right Jets fans, NFL players think that not one, but both of your quarterbacks are overrated. Add in the fact that most think Rex Ryan is overrated as well, and what you end up with is exactly what you see every Sunday when the Jets take the field.

It’s almost at the point that you begin to feel sorry for Jets fans.

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  1. gaylen goettsch says:

    As a hugh Bear fan put Tim T. on our team please! We will find a use for him, and he
    will help us down the road in many ways!

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