Metta World Peace thinks Steve Nash is the smartest Laker, mainly because he’s white

When it comes to Metta World Peace, nothing he says or does should surprise you. Whether it’s wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day when it’s really Memorial Day, or elbowing James Harden in the head, or even changing his name from Ron Artest to Metta World Peace. We seen and heard just about everything from Mr. World Peace.

So it doesn’t surprise us at all to see the response when asked if Steve Nash was the smartest player on the Lakers.

The response comes courtesy of LA Times blogger Mark Medina’s Twitter account.

Yep, that’s Metta World Peace for you.

[The Hoop Doctors]

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  1. world be dump says:

    based on what!!!! looks at who’s giving an opinion! the media shouldnt even talk to this guy.

  2. Joe Blake from Syracuse, NY says:

    I’m a die hard Lakers fan and have been one for over 40 years. Mr Artest, I love you as our enforcer. We need someone to at times to act crazy and intimidate those soft players that are out there. But as far as intellect….you are one stupid individual, Just because a man is white doesn’t make him smart. There are many smart black and white people just as there are many ignorant black and white people. I’m from NYC just as you are & I went to a Catholic college as you did. But I consider myself as quite intelligent with a Masters degree unlike your ignorant, dumb ass.

    • Knick fan forever says:

      Joe Blake,
      I’m no Metta World Peace fan but he was being sarcastic, what he was really saying was, “why are you asking me that question, because Steve Nash is white”?

    • Metta does a lot of good for people that are suffering from cruel disorders. Give them all a break.

  3. Average IQ of Black person is around 85 , average IQ of White person is around 100 . So , there is some merit in this .


      the iq test was invented to classify people just as you did here sir… there is no need for true intellect when taking an iq test. with that said imma take my black ass ta popeye’s and order a 7 piece holmes.

    • Agreed. I don’t think Metta knows what decades of IQ tests based on race have shown, but people forget that Pao Gasol has been training in the field or nuero-surgery and speaks 5 languages. So perhaps Nash isn’t the smartest on the team, but Metta took a good logical guess.

      • Intrycate says:

        Pao Gasol is also White. But perhaps when the person was asking Metta who was the smartest on the Lakers, they were referring to who was the smartest basketball-wise.

        • CHARLIEBLACKSII says:

          he’s actually spanish… not white.

          • actually they consider themselves white

          • BermudaTriangle says:

            Haha…”He’s Spanish, not White”…Haha, is that a serious statement. Yes, Spaniards (True Spanish people) are WHITE. Just as Portuguese and Italians are WHITE. WHITE CAN come in many colors people…good lord, get out much?

          • CHARLIEBLACKSII says:

            spanish people are spanish… they’re pigmentation is due to their geographic location. brazilians on one note can be dark skinned, light skinned, or appear to be white but they’re brazilian. ethnic background and race are two different marbles.

      • So, intelligence is classified by how many languages one speaks? So a mechanic whom in todays world has to know the mechanical working of the automobile but also how to deal with, diagnose and repair modern computer driven machinary any more or less intelligent than a phusical therapist whom fill is that of the human body and biomechanics…. Kobe Bryant speaks 5 languages fluently…it that a reflection of greater intelligence or being in a multi-lingual environment where its beneficial to converse with a multitude of persons…. Is a neuro surgeon any smarter than an astro physicist or a mechanical engineer or a well trained cosmetologist whom knows chemical blending better than most… Your job does not show intelligence…it results from training and specialty. There are many athletes whom have gone on after the sports career to reach goals in law, medicine, business, entrepreneurship, politics among a host of other professions. Its about planning and effort sir!!!

        • You are mostly correct. Although I don’t believe anyone or everyone, even with training can become a successful neuro-surgeon. And I believe it easier for some to learn 5 languages than others based on their capacity and intelligence. My opinions are not scientific studies. Those decades and thousands of IQ tests, taking into consideration socio-economic status, family enviornment (single parent, etc.) are. Genetically speaking there are differences in the races. Asians on average outperform Whites/Europeans academically. Definately a controvercial subject, and likely why it’s rarely discussed.

        • Actually, how about you try to become a neurosurgeon? Not everyone can become one even if given all the time and training. Some careers require more intellect than others. You cannot possibly believe that a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s requires as much intellect as being a neurosurgeon or an engineer. So yes, a neurosurgeon is by far smarter than a well trained cosmetologist.

  4. Metta World Peace THINK this writer needs to work on subject/verb agreement. How ironic.

  5. Charles Barkley says:

    Metta sure knows how to call a Spade a Spade!!

  6. Lighten up everyone, that was just Metta being Metta. Any reporter worth his salt is just waiting for a quote from Metta, and he gives them one each time. I would hope everyone reading the story would take it with a grain of salt, and maybe even get a chuckle out of it. We should all know its not true, so don’t lose any sleep over it.

  7. The Mission says:

    I think that we have missed the point Metta was making. He simply gave a sarcastic answer to an implicitly racist question.

  8. DoddMan1911 says:

    CharlBlack, knows whats up! I love how you showed our uncanny ability with the vernacular.
    Robert, from your statement alone I know you are not a Blackman! You may be colored, but your not black. You are however, ignorant, and that’s your family fault. They were ethnocentric, and so are you. I forgive you because you know not, what you do. You, and people that think like you are nothing but puppets on a very weak string.

    Rooooooooooooooooo! B OUT!!!! Bru’s!!!!


      you know i had to represent my brother. the quote itself is actually not that big of a deal… its ronny world peace after all. that dude’s comment was just so disappointingly ignorant. -_- lol

  9. The iq results test are invalid. The reasons the difference in iq test results between whites and blacks are directly attributable to economic and social enviorments. I.E. more blacks live in low income communities with less access to quality education, teachers, facilities etc. combined with the destruction of black family structure through the prison system and drugs; resulting in lower test scores. In two individuals with similar situations and opportunities there are no differences in iq results.

    • You type as if you copied that out of a book. Think for yourself.

    • Uh. Sorry. They are based over decades of studies of similar socio-eonomic status. And not solely in the U.S. Good try though. Genetics. People of different races are different genetically. Blacks on average can run faster than Whites. Asians on average have higher IQ’s than Whites. Research it if you don’t trust what I’m saying.


        you’re funny. imma hop my black ass in my “volkswagen” and head back to my lovely suburban neighborhood. I do run one hell of a 40 though. nigga.

      • Fact: Northern blacks scored higher than southern whites on IQ tests administered by the US military during WWII. Race has absolutely nothing to do with IQ it’s all about environment and resources.

  10. Dan Higgins says:

    And this statement isnt considered racist?
    Just because a stupid black guy says it… Con you imagine a white guy saying this?

    • White people are very smart because they can easily spout stereotypical slurs behind a keyboard we all know they would not dare say aloud if front of the one they opine to slur… say NIGGERS in a room with more than one black male sir?

      If you research the genolgy of the term it goes back further than Ameican colonial period. It actually stems from the ancient Egyptian culture of Kemites and was a term of respect of the well educated.

      Its called SARCASM of with Metta was employing… There are more white people on the Lakers other than Nash so by saying Nash because he is white would denote each white guy was the smartest if you take his point literally which most morons will do. From a pure basketball standpoint, most (not all) point guard have the highest basketbakl IQ because it is incumbent upon them to run the offense and know each position part. His Basketball IQ is high but I would not put it any higher than Bryant’s… They are at equal status in that regard.

      • Maybe he’s just not smart enough to see the sarcasm…
        IQ test are flawed because they are culturally biased. This is actually an established fact. Emotional Intelligence is more of a predictor of success.
        By the way a 100 IQ means that you have exactly average intelligence..if the test was valid…which it’s not
        Thank you come again!

        • Sorry dude, IQ is a predictor is intellectual capability. blacks are just dumber in general.

          • Northern Blacks scored higher than Southern whites on IQ tests administered by the US military in the 1940s. How do you explain that?

        • Joey Lorenzo says:

          How do Asian consistently outperform whites at a test that was designed ‘culturally biased’ to benefit whites?

  11. Actualy ‘whites” are not vhites either it’s a color a lot darker than white as “blacks” are more of darker shade of brown. This is stupid. Talking about this is stupid. But it was very
    funny reading it. Meta you are avery a funny guy and very smart. IQ has no color just like
    the comments here prove it.

  12. Uncle Ruckus

  13. Don’t worry Metta, 47% of us white boys totally agree with ya. luv ya!

  14. Ask a dumb question and you get a dumb answer. Think that is the funnest thing I’ve heard in a long time. You guys need to check yourselves. Thats a stupid reporter without knowledge of the game tyring to get some reaction which is what he hoped for. I think he was trying to pit steve against kobe.
    Way to go Metta

    • Well there is also a saying: “Something as a dumb question does not exist, just dumb answers”. Think about it. And by this I am in no way saying that Ron made a dumb answer. The answer was quite funny.

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