Lawrence Taylor thinks Tim Tebow needs to get laid

Lawrence Taylor was the guest on Wednesday night’s edition of Showtime’s “Inside The NFL”. And like all football shows these days, it just couldn’t go the entire show without Tim Tebow being brought up as a topic of conversation.

James Brown goes into a question asked by “Tim from the Meadowlands” asking Lawrence Taylor what was his secret to success in The Big Apple. And of course, Lawrence Taylor responds in a typical Lawrence Taylor manner.

This goes without saying, but we’re not sure that taking advice from Lawrence Taylor is the best thing for Tebow. Seeing as though Taylor has proven that he doesn’t make the best decisions in the world.

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  1. To The Point says:

    LT need a lobotomy. He’ll never be he great human being that is Mr. Tebow.

    • Wait, you’re calling someone who’s never experienced sex before, or getting high in any way, a “great human being?” I’ll take someone like LT, who’s made some mistakes and bad decisions in his life, over someone like Tebow, who may as well not even be alive, for all the experience he’s earning. Tebow is the worst role model in the entire NFL. I’d rather be Fred Smoot than Tebow!

  2. i cant believe you actually asked taylor for advice….hes got to be the poster boy of what you dont want to do with a life….

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