Lance Armstrong’s official statement regarding the USADA’s “pitiful charade” has been removed from his website

As the fallout begins to mount from the growing Lance Armstrong doping scandal, Armstrong has quietly removed an official statement that he released on August 23 from his personal website.

In the statement, Armstrong informed the world that he was dropping his fight against the doping allegations against him and called the USADA’s case against him a “charade”.

Armstrong even took to Twitter to let his followers know that he had a response to the pitiful charade.

But when you click that link from Armstrong’s tweet, you no longer can read his statement. What you get is this:

So now that the Tour de France titles have been stripped away from him and companies have cut ties with him, could Armstrong be readying himself to stop his charade and come clean? And could the first step have been the removal of that official statement from his personal website?

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