Kevin Garnett gave a typical Kevin Garnett explanation for refusing to shake Ray Allen’s hand

You shouldn’t have been surprised that Kevin Garnett straight ignored Ray Allen when Allen attempted to greet his former Celtics teammates before entering last night’s game. This is just what Kevin Garnett does. He turns a rather straight forward situation and makes it bigger than it has to be.

And when asked about blowing off Allen, Garnett predictably gave a Kevin Garnett response.

Garnett was asked why he passed on greeting Allen: “You know what man, I was just trying to stay as neutral as I could but obviously I’m an intense person. Other than it was blank, I just saw the Heat uniforms and obviously he’s on the other side and I just tried to play the game, man.”


This sort of thing is exactly why some in the league either hate him or think he’s a coward.

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  1. TheBigTicket says:

    KG doesn’t like Benedict Arnold’s and he doesn’t give a $hit about BS wanna-be bloggers like you bashing him. I like his ‘I Don’t Give a F’ attitude. RayRay is a lil traitor.. Simple as that.

    • So let me get this straight, they try to trade him last season & The season before, take away his minutes, tell him he is nothing more than a spot up shooter, tell him his defense is horrible, inform him his minutes would decrease on the bench even though Avery Bradley can’t stay healthy 2 quarters, & RAY ALLEN is the traitor?! See how loyal you are when people that took you in start telling you how bad you suck & that you are worthless, but “Stay with us, be Loyal” I know KG didn’t have that mentality when he was wasting away in Minn. You DO know he left his team to play in Boston right?! If KG doesn’t like benedict arnolds, he must NEVER look in the Mirror!

      • FunnyBone says:

        Well said. Trading is a part of the game and like you said, KG did the same thing.

        • KG was traded. Ray left on his own and took less money to do so…leaving his teammates to play for their arch rivals and ultimately the champs. Punk move. THAT is why KG won’t forgive him. They had one more legit chance and Ray blew that up.

      • EnormousNorm says:

        People just don’t get it. KG did what he should have. Players these days are to friendly with opposing teams. He should say what’s up off the court and anywhere other than the court but not when you are getting ready for battle on the court. You never saw KG chuming it up with old Timberwolves either. The younger game and fans have gotten to soft. Ray wanted to make nice and KG isn’t having it and that is just fine the way I see it. That’s way it should be.

    • Come on people! is the nba,you ignorants,if you find a better job,and you quit the one you have now, is that make you a traitor? If you are going to put it that way,every nba player are traitors,and forget that kG played for another team for about 11 yrs,mn.if you are point fingers and judge.get the fact right and stop being partial! Hope ya’ll learn something from this! By Frank!

  2. If you think KG is a coward you are way off, he is one of the most intense guys in the league and isn’t afraid to get in a fight for his team. That is why almost all of his teammates love him.

  3. whoever wrote this story is complete moron!

  4. He might be a coward, but u, s. evans, won’t step to him. So keep writing your bogus blog.

    • First off, I didn’t call him a coward. If you would’ve clicked the link you would’ve seen that a NBA player called him a coward.

  5. Torres Loloy says:

    I hate both of them….bunch of arrogant selfish guys …..

  6. Just another spectators says:

    Why would you assume everyone hates KG? I personally love his intensity and passion. I’m sure the other players in the league respect him for it too. It may not be pretty, but that type of focus attitude wins games.

  7. Dave you are the man. I could not have put it any better.

  8. Snubbing Ray Allen makes him a coward? Who writes this trash? I would think hugging the guy while hating him would make him a coward. What a joke.

    • If you had read it, you would see that we never said snubbing Allen makes him a coward. But obviously, you didn’t.

      • “This sort of thing is exactly why some in the league either hate him or think he’s a coward.”

        That is a direct quote. You might want to learn to read. Of course the writer is taking the cowardly way out by saying “some in the league.” It is clear what is being said.

        • If you read the post that was linked, a player in the league called KG a punk & coward. Not shaking Allen’s hand is yet another example of why at least one player thinks that way. It’s all part of his reputation around the league.

          And I would have no problem saying KG is a coward if I believed it. But frankly, I don’t pay KG’s act any attention.

          • I guess even YOU don’t respect your own words. You paid attention enough to post this tripe. But that’s right. We shouldn’t pay you and your words much attention either.

  9. OMG what was he suppose to do, leap up and hug him. He saw a Heat uniform, and that was that. KG is intense, always was and always will be, thats why he is still so good. So go peddle you papers somewhere else. And who ever called him a coward (if in fact they did) probably shouldn’t say it to his face. I like KG, even though I am a Laker fan, and I always will.

    • I feel the same way and I’m a Knick fan. The people who apparently want him to punch people out to prove he isn’t a coward would no doubt call him a bully if he did that. His defensive skills would not be what they are if he wasn’t tough.

  10. KG is a punk, look at some of the cheap shots on players from other teams. I hope someone would do the same to him. As far as those who wrote that player did not be kind to other players before games, what about Magic and Isiah before games kissings?

  11. BigTicket says:

    RayRay had his ego hurt when Doc chose to stay with Avery Bradley in the starting lineup instead of switching back to RayRay when he came back from injury. Doc valued the defensive abilities of Bradley over the shooting prowess of Ray. Granted Ray was injured during the season and the offseason surgery appears successful based on his performance in the recent Celts vs. Heat game, but he turned down twice the amount of money to go play with the enemy he has been wanting to beat for years. A cheaper, younger and hungrier player beat him out and compound that with the Rondo drama, RayRay took the easy way out. I don’t see the rationale in not calling him a traitor. And KG does not give a $hit about what people think of him.. That’s been his MO since he’s been in the league. Doesn’t owe anybody anything, especially a former teammate who is a Benedict Arnold. RayRay left more money on the table and also left his ‘home’ in New England… Why? For personal reasons, definitely not a business or family matter. He didn’t feel ‘wanted’… Boohoo.. Let your play speak for itself and you’ll seen increased minutes… RayRay was a defensive liability during that season when his ankle wasn’t 100%. Not his fault but choosing the hated Heat is.

  12. LeftRightOut says:

    I was disapointed that Ray went to the Heat, but he was the most expendable of the big three. Avery Bradley did play great when Ray was hurt and deserved more minutes, but why not leave Ray as the starter? I liked Ray at the end of games with his foul shooting prowess. Was not a good night for KG to be friendly, with the ring ceremony etc. Loyalty should go both ways, just ask Kendrick Perkins,

  13. KG is A ignorant fool. When you watch his mouth on the sideline, allthat cursing, and not taking in consideration that kids are watching the game. When he left Minn. no one h ated on him. I guess I’ll pray for him. A lot of these guy need to go back to school.

  14. Roger Podacter says:

    You have one player quoted as calling Garnett a coward, yet you write that “some” in the league think of him that way. Irresponsible and amateurish…

  15. nizzsantos says:

    Ray Allen, simply bail out on them knowing full well their chance of winning another crown in next to zero. It’s a norm in the NBA, gone were the days of chivalry where you have loyalty to your club like Bird, Magic, Stockton, Jordan, Kobe, etc. So is Ray Allen ala Benedict Arnold? the answer is a resounding and yes, NBA got a lot of Benedict Arnolds.

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