Jets owner Woody Johnson would rather see Mitt Romney win the election than the Jets have a winning season

If Jets fans have ever wondered why their team is regarded as a “circus”. Why no one takes them seriously. Why they can never seem to put it together. It’s because of the mentality at the top of the organization. It’s because of Jets owner Woody Johnson.

The same Woody Johnson that wanted his team on Hard Knocks while his head coach was begging for the franchise to pass on it. The same Woody Johnson that pursued Peyton Manning and when he was turned down by Manning, said that the Jets passed on Manning. And now, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, Johnson reveals where his priorities really lie.

Johnson is asked, “What is a bigger priority to you right now, a winning season for the Jets or a winning election for Mitt Romney?” To which Johnson responds after spitting out a lot of useless qualifiers, Mitt Romney.

You see. This is what is wrong with your franchise Jets fans.

[Bloomberg TV]

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