Jerry Jones thinks the Cowboys can win a championship…..this year

We’re not surprised by this. You’re not surprised by this.

Why? Because this is Jerry Jones we’re dealing with.

And despite his Cowboys sitting at 2-4 and looking every bit of 2-4, Jones still went on his radio show on KRLD-FM Tuesday morning and declared that the Cowboys could win a championship, not next year, but this year.

Of course he did.

“We’ve got to have some wins to make sure we’re in the hunt, but I keep pointing out we’re fresh off a world champion (Giants) that won nine of 16 ballgames last year,” Jones said on his radio show on KRLD-FM Tuesday morning. “We know you want your team as healthy and as in sync as it can be as we get on into the end of the season. We know we’ve played one division game and won it. We got those guys (the Giants) coming back in here. We know that’s going to be a big game for us.

“All of those things give us a chance to take a team that is, if you look at the pluses (Sunday), evolving into a team that can compete for the championship. Not next year. This year.”

Jones was then asked again whether he meant to say the Cowboys would win a championship this season.

“Correct,” Jones said. “Let me emphasize that. I’m not into everybody getting better or learning for years to come. It’s this year.”

His head coach, of course, doesn’t any part of this crazy talk. So once again, Jerry Jones is off on an island, while the rest of the organization is on the mainland.

Yet another reason why the Cowboys are in the underachieving state they are currently in.

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