Jason Pierre-Paul to RGIII: “Don’t bring it to my side”

If you’re keeping count at home, here’s what opposing defensive ends have had to say about Robert Griffin III:

– Osi Umenyiora vowed he would only call Griffin, “Bob Griffin”, which changed after just one week of seeing Griffin play.

– Jared Allen refuses to “crown Griffin anything yet” despite Griffin running all over the Vikings’ defense.

– And now, Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is warning Griffin not to bring it to his side of the field.

“Don’t bring it to my side. Go the other way,” Pierre-Paul warned.

“Trust me, we chase quarterbacks all the time. We turn and run to the guy no matter what,” Pierre-Paul said. “He may … zoom past us, but trust me, we’re right behind him. You’ve got to respect that. It’s not all about the speed. We’ve got all 11 guys who can run to the ball. You’d be surprised, very surprised.

“It’s going to be a very good matchup,’’ Pierre-Paul said. “Not on my side though, or on the other side. Not on my side.’’

After only giving up 3 points to the 49ers on Sunday, it does seem that the Giants may finally have their defense playing at a high level. But the difference between Alex Smith and RGIII, at least athletically, is a big one.

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