GMs despise the Nationals for shutting down Stephen Strasburg

The decision to shut down Stephen Strasburg was analyzed and analyzed and analyzed. Everyone was given ample time to give their two cents and express their outrage and now most people are over it. But now that the Nationals are in playoffs and the Nationals are down 2-1, players are reportedly wondering “what if”. Which is understandable when your No. 1 starter is not injured but he’s watching these playoff games from the dugout.

But besides Nationals’ players wondering “what if”, Bob Nightengale of USA Today is reporting that another group of folks have not moved on from the Nationals’ decision to shut down Strasburg.

According to Nightengale, GMs around the league have not forgiven the Nationals for their decision and they despise them for it. And they would like nothing less than to see the Nationals get bounced in the playoffs by the Cardinals.

“If we don’t win the World Series, I don’t care who does,” one general manager told USA TODAY Sports, “as long as it’s not those guys.

“They don’t deserve to win it. Not after what they did.”

Said a National League GM: “I hope they go down in flames. I hope it takes another 79 years before they get back to the playoffs. That’s how strongly I feel about it.”

The Nationals, baseball executives say, brought this on themselves. They were the defiant ones. They were the ones telling the world they were smarter than everyone else, shutting down ace Stephen Strasburg after 159 1/3 innings, believing they were protecting their prized asset for a lot of playoff games in their future.

Didn’t quite think that baseball people would overreact about the Nationals making a decision about an asset that THEY are paying. But guess we should have because that’s what baseball people do best. Overreact.

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  1. joe hammer says:

    Nats threw a championship in the toilet so they may never have a chance again.Baseball gods are unforgiving.Cubs and the goat they would not let in.

    • Rizzo4pres says:

      Sour grapes from all the haters here.Did any of you notice how ineffective Strasburg was the last few weeks of the season ?
      If he were your son what would you have the Nats do ?
      I suspect everyone here wants him to leave DC so he will stop beating them or pitch for their team..
      Does the name Steve Avery mean anything to you so called experts ?

  2. I pray and hope that Strasburg demands to be traded when he is allowed to become a free agent. He won’t have to worry about getting paid because one of those teams out there will sign him. The National’s organization are IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Now what do you say? The Nats have a chance because they have MANY talented players not just one and a very, very good manager. Strasbourg will be all the better next year for being shut down and the Nats will be in playoffs next year and more!

  4. Yes, the Nationals have gotten many good players and while they can certainly be a force in the next few years, you never know, especially with 162 games. The fact that Strasburg isn’t playing in the postseason can’t be explained! It’s mind-boggling!

  5. Strasburg was plenty effective at the end of the season. August 4-1 era 2.79. Obviously his last start he was beyond bummed out but before that he dominated, guess who? ST. LOUIS 6 IP 2 hits 9 k 1 bb 0 earned runs. If the Nats advance Strasburg vs SF career 2-0 2.25 era.

    Avery and Strasburg have nothing to do with each other. By 24 Stras pitched 250 MLB innings Avery over 800 plus 60 in the playoffs! after 250 in the minors vs. Strasburg 75.

  6. Rizzo4pres says:

    Post All-Star break Strasburg had 2nd highest era of Nats starters.You think all those innings on Avery’s arm might have shorten his career ?

  7. Avery pitched 4 times as much, it’s nothing in common. Not to mention his pitch counts per game were 20% more, which is more dangerous than a couple of extra starts per season. 10 years as a starter is much longer than most pitchers. What probably hurt him the most was Sept 12, 1993 he suffered an injury but made his next 6 starts anyway. Bye, bye Nats.

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