For a cool $0.19, you can watch the Cubs end their season against the Astros

The Chicago Cubs’ rough season is finally at its end. And with only three games left to go in their dreadful season, the reasons to attend a Cubs game are few and far between.

But like with everything, there are pros and cons about attending this week’s season ending series against the Astros.

The cons are easy: The Astros suck, the Cubs suck, and the baseball played by both teams will suck. But on the pro side, there a legitimate reasons to attend. For one, the game is at Wrigley Field which will always be a pro in our book. But most importantly, you can get tickets to a game for a measly $0.19.

That’s right, $0.19.

CBS Chicago grabbed this screenshot from StubHub showing two tickets in section 533, row 3 going for $0.19.

If this isn’t doesn’t get you to out to Wrigley Field (and it probably won’t), we don’t know what will.

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  1. How much would I have to pay NOT to see them?

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