Desperate Terrell Owens says desperate Jets need him

We all know that Terrell Owens desperately wants a job. That much was obvious when he lobbied the Jets on Twitter Monday night. But if you ask him if he’s desperate, as TSN did, he’ll say no.

In fact, he argues that the Jets are the ones that are desperate, since they have to use Antonio Cromartie at receiver.

“I’ve read a lot of tweets and everybody’s saying that I’m desperate, I’m begging for a job,” Owens said. “But it’s not begging for a job when you know you can still play at a high level, given the opportunity. When you have a defensive back playing offense and running routes, then I think that’s more desperate than my actual tweet itself.”

That may be true, Terrell. But let’s be real here, you’re desperate too.


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