Deron Williams told Nets GM Billy Knight not to wait on Dwight Howard

At one point this summer, all signs pointed to Dwight Howard being traded to the Brooklyn Nets. Then, talks between the Magic and Nets began to stall and suddenly the Nets moved on and traded for Joe Johnson and re-signed Brook Lopez. And ultimately, Howard ended up with the Lakers.

The Nets’ about-face was puzzling to most. Howard was pretty adamant about wanting to play and Brooklyn and the Nets obviously wanted him, but something prompted the Nets to cool their pursuit of Howard. And according to Nets GM Billy King, that something was a conversation he had with point guard Deron Williams.

“One thing Deron did say to me, he said, ‘Please, just don’t wait on Dwight. We can’t wait and not have a team,'” King said during the premiere of NBA TV’s “The Association: Brooklyn Nets,” which will air on Oct. 16.

“The team of Brooklyn is bigger than one person. I owed it to the organization, I owed it to our fans, I owed it to Deron and the players that we have to build for Brooklyn, and we went forward and built our team.”

None of this is surprising since during the Olympics, Williams told Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports, “It is what it is. Of course, I’m going to welcome that trade. But if it doesn’t happen I think we have a great group.”

You really can’t blame Williams for not wanting to wait for Howard. Especially since Howard routinely showed that he didn’t even know what he wanted.

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