Bobby Valentine injured while texting and riding his bicycle

It’s been a long first season with the Red Sox for Bobby Valentine. He has encountered issue after issue almost from the day he took over in Boston. So it’s fitting that his final days of his first season included him ending up in a ditch after falling off his bicycle in a texting and cycling accident.

Valentine was busy reading a text message from Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia when suddenly he was forced to swerve to avoid the umbrellas of two tourists. Valentine lost control of the bicycle and the next thing he knew, he was sliding down the hill next to the road.

“I shouldn’t have been reading a text while I was riding, ” he said. “That’s the wrong thing to do. But at least I was wearing my helmet.”

Pedroia had texted Valentine to tell him that he would play in Tuesday’s game against the Yankees despite a broken left ring finger.

“Hey, if he can play with that, I can certainly manage with this,” he said, showing the bandages on his legs.

The good news is that Valentine sustained only minor injuries to his hips and knees. But one would think Valentine would know better with his experience in traffic safety.

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