Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie is being sued for a $375,000 strip club bill

So like most professional athletes, Ravens offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie apparently likes strip club. A lot. But Bryant McKinnie apparently does not like spending his own money at strip clubs. So apparently he ran up a $375,000 bill to a Mr. Charles “Pop” Young, who just so happens to be Trick Daddy’s father, whenever he frequented strip clubs in Miami.

McKinnie promised to repay Young the money, but never did. And now Young is suing McKinnie “to recover the money plus interest, as well as his costs.”

Former Miami Hurricanes All-American Bryant McKinnie owes the father of rapping superstar Trick Daddy $375,000 for bills run up at South Florida strip clubs, a new lawsuit says.

The rapper’s father, Charles “Pop” Young, filed the lawsuit in Miami-Dade Circuit Court Monday afternoon. Young says that McKinnie, who is currently an offensive lineman for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, racked up big bills at the strip clubs between February 2009 and September 2010, borrowing the money from him.

Young’s lawsuit includes an alleged promissory note from Oct. 1, 2010 that indicates that Young loaned McKinnie the money in cash in the different venues.

“In the past we discussed this amount listed above once the NFL season starts and I began receiving my payroll checks. I hereby promise to speak to Mr. Young about this matter by October 5, 2010 and make arrangements to have this balance paid in full by December 1, 2010,” McKinnie wrote, according to the note.

So we are really making it rain with other people’s money, now?

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