Andray Blatche says he chose to wear No. 0 in Brooklyn to remind him of the amount of support he had after he was amnestied by the Wizards

For some odd reason Andray Blatche is still in the NBA. And for some odd, reporters in New York are interested in what Andray Blatche has to say. This is surprising to us because it has been well documented as to what Andray Blatche is all about.

He’s about challenging people to fights on Twitter, he’s about hosting “Lapdance Tuesday”, he’s about wearing Uggs, and he’s about throwing parties to end horrible seasons. What he’s not about is actually being a decent basketball player. But the New York Post allowed him to explain why he will be a better player in Brooklyn and why he chose to wear No. 0 in his stay, which will undoubtedly be short, with the Nets.

“Everybody thought I was going to be out of the league,” Blatche said. “Zero reminds me I didn’t have any support system outside of my immediate family, nobody who thought I was going to bounce back and get on another team.”

“It’s great to be a part of a team that will help one another out,” he said. “I have a new beginning, not as much stuff hanging over my head. I can go out and play, I don’t have to think. It’s just fun.”

Blatche does remember those who doubted him — though he didn’t name names — after he was let go from Washington, the reason he chose to wear No. 0. He also picked it in honor of former Wizards teammate Gilbert Arenas, whom he said he learned a great deal from at the start of his career.

“I kind of like his motto: ‘From zero to hero,’ ” Blatche said. “Hopefully I can come from being nothing to something.”

We won’t hold our breaths on that one, Andray.

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