After being benched in Game 1 of ALCS, Alex Rodriguez apparently hit on two female fans

Alex Rodriguez is having a rough postseason. And with Yankees president Randy Levine unwilling to commit to A-Rod for next season at this point, who knows if this is the last postseason that we’ll see A-Rod in pinstripes.

One tidbit that probably won’t help A-Rod’s chances of returning to the Yankees is a report in the New York Post that A-Rod wasn’t fully focused on Saturday’s Game 1 of the ALCS against the Tigers. Instead, the Post says that two women sitting a few rows above the Yankees’ dugout had A-Rod’s attention.

After A-Rod was pulled from the lineup in the 8th inning, witnesses told the Post that A-Rod was openly flirting with the two women. And at one point, even sent a note to the women asking for their phone numbers.

“I watched him flirt with two admittedly very cute young women nearby,’’ the witness said.

“Alex was holding a pen and wrote a note on a ball which was thrown at the women by a ball boy,’’ the witness explained.

“The girls, who had already caught two balls, seemed bemused at first and tried to hand the ball to another fan, but other fans noticed the note on it and yelled at them to read it.

“The note asked them to write their phone numbers on the ball and throw it back,’’ the witness said.
“One of the girls, with darker blond hair, wrote . . . on the ball and threw it back at A-Rod, who gave her a big smile.”

“They exchanged a few glances after that,’’ as A-Rod took a powder while a pinch-hitter took his place at the plate.
“The flirtation stopped once Derek Jeter got hurt,” the source said.

Should you be surprised by this? Of course not.

Any man that takes a photo like the one above believes that he can do whatever, whenever. Including hitting on women while his team is trying to win a postseason game.

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