$800 will get you in the building for Knicks vs Nets; $8,100 will get you courtside seats

The season opener in Brooklyn between the Nets and Knicks is apparently a big deal. So big of a deal that ticket prices have soared to an average of $800.87 on StubHub and other ticket websites.

But that $800 price tag only gets you in the door. If you want the best seats, namely courtside seats, those are going to cost you quite a grip. And when we say “quite a grip”, we mean about $8,100.

Tickets to the Nets’ first regular-season game at the new Barclays Center against the crosstown rival Knicks are commanding an average of $800.87 a pop on StubHub and other secondary-market sites.

The $800.87 average game-day price is already up 18.59 percent from $675.31 on Oct. 1, and it’s six times higher than what an average Nets ticket runs at face value, $132.

The Nets-Knicks game is running as high as $8,100 for courtside seats normally priced for $1,500, and the cheapest seats were selling for $217.

$800 just to get in? $8,100 for courtside seats? Just to watch the Knicks and the Nets? We’ll pass.


  1. Just shows how the real fans aren’t able to attend any games at prices like this. Not to mention if you wanted to treat the family. $8oo.87 x a family of 4=$3203.48. Where can the average basketball fan get this money. This is more than a drug habit!

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