What we learned from week four of the college football season

Here’s what we learned from Week 4 in the college football season.

FSU looks legit.

Many people were skeptical about FSU as real national title contender this season. Well after their 49-37 victory over Clemson Saturday night, the Noles look like contenders.

EJ Manuel had a career night accounting for 483 total offense in a game that showed how potent FSU’s offense can be. Looking at their schedule, there is no one besides Florida and Virginia Tech that could cause a problem as long as the Noles stay focus.

Notre Dame’s defense is elite.

We really weren’t too sure about if Notre Dame’s defense was elite, but after Saturday night, we’re ready to say they are. Denard Robinson threw 4 interceptions in the first half alone and the Irish defense clearly had him confused the entire night. And for the second straight game, they didn’t allow a touchdown.

With this defense they will be in every game, but the offense must improve to take that next step.

The power of the SEC is starting to shift to the SEC East.

At the beginning of the season, the SEC West had three teams in the top 10. Now that Arkansas has collapsed and with the emergence of Florida, the SEC East has a chance to have three top ten teams at the beginning of October. Tennessee in our opinion is also a top 25 team so it’s starting to look like the East is regaining its strength again.

Oregon State is quietly taking care of business.

Usually when a team shuts down two of the nation’s top runners and win the games in the process, they usually get a lot of attention. Well Oregon State did just that. but no one is really talking about them. Montae Ball was supposed to be a Heisman contender but the Beavers shut him down. UCLA’s Jonathan Franklin was the nation’s leading rusher coming into Saturday’s game but was held to 45 yards rushing.

We’re curious to see if the Beavers can keep this up.

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