USC bans writer for reporting injury to kicker Andre Heidari

USC just can’t keep themselves out of the news these days. Which is usually a good thing. But when all the news seems to be painting the program in a negative light, it certainly isn’t a good thing.

Just in the past month alone, USC has banned visiting teams from conducting walk-throughs at the Coliseum and they have pulled the scholarship of a walk-on player so it could be given to a player who had just been released from jail. And now, they’re back in the news for banning Daily News reporter Scott Wolf for reporting that kicker Andre Heidari would miss time because of injury.

Wolf has been banned from practice for two weeks and he will not be issued a press credential for USC’s Sept. 22 game against California at the Coliseum.

While USC is mum on the subject, the Daily News is obviously upset about Wolf being banned.

“From our standpoint, Scott was doing his job,” Gene Warnick, sports editor for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, which includes the Daily News and other Southland papers, said. “This wasn’t something that was part of practice. We were just trying to report the news.”

USC announced a policy in August “barring the media from reporting strategy or injury-related news observed during in-season practices”. Wolf contends that his report didn’t stem from practice.

Whether it did or didn’t, USC just needs to find a way to keep themselves out of the news. Unless it’s for something positive.

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