Urban Meyer think Braxton Miller is more talented than Tim Tebow

Nothing you’re about to read here is news. It’s all stuff that most of us already knew. But the big deal here is everything you’re about to read here came from the mouth of Urban Meyer.

Yes, the same Urban Meyer that swept Tim Tebow off his feet on the recruiting trail. And the same Urban Meyer that got so close with Tebow that the two once got all nuzzly on the sideline.

But those good times are long gone. Tim Tebow is now in the NFL and taking his shirt off every chance he gets, and Meyer is now head coach at Ohio State. And now Meyer is smitten with his new toy at quarterback, Braxton Miller. So smitten that he actually admitted in an interview on 97.1 The Fan in Columbus that Miller is more talented than Tebow.

“Very similar guys,” Meyer said. “They’re both competitive human beings. They’re both very talented people. Braxton has more talent. Tim is probably more of a grinder.”

Sorry Tim. Grinders apparently don’t do it anymore for Urban.

[Fear The Hat]

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