There is now a petition on to end the NFL referee lockout

While the NFL continues to go on not caring and pretending that replacement referees are not causing issues, Sports Fans Coalition Executive Director Brian Frederick has created a petition on urging the NFL to end the lockout of the regular referees.

The petition was posted in August and at the time of the post has 5,700 signatures.

Here’s is the letter that is addressed to Commissioner Goodell being used to petition the league:

Cmr. Goodell,

The NFL’s use of replacement referees threatens the integrity of the game and could lead to serious player injuries. We need the most competent, highly trained officials on the field immediately. Please end the referee lockout now.

And just for a flavor of how fans feel, here are a few comments from supporters of the petition.

I think it’s discrimination and the real refs don’t get a fair salary

the game of football is just not even fun to watch right now. I am a HUGE fan and usually have a NFL game on TV everyday and time it is on. Now I only watch the Ravens games and even those are painful to watch. GIVE THE REFS WHAT THEY WANT!

I have been a Buffalo Bills fan since 1972, and have been shocked at how unprofessional the NFL games have been during the first two weeks of the season. The real NFL referees endure abuse in front of packed stadiums, but despite this have always brought a level of professionalism to the game that ensures that players and, more importantly, the fans, believe that the result of games is “fair” and that the rules are being applied according to their letter and spirit to that end and to the end of ensuring the safety of the players. Taking that away, because millionaire owners want to take away promised pensions, is obscene. Bring back the real referees, now, and pay them fairly and honor the commitments provided in the past to a fair pension system. The referees, as much as the players (and certainly more than the owners and management) have contributed to the reputation of the league. Absent the real referees, that reputation is being flushed down the toilet.

The NFL is proving it doesn’t care about player safety.

Sadly, this most likely won’t move the NFL either.

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