The NFL wants its teams to be nicer to the replacement referees

The NFL is really going all-in with the notion that replacement referees are doing an adequate job. And the latest example is that they chastised all of their teams this week about their behavior when dealing with the referees.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the league reached out to the owners, general managers, and coaches of all 32 teams informing them that their on-field behavior from the first two weeks will no longer be tolerated.

Coaches including coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio of the Denver Broncos, along with San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, were spotted berating officials in a way unacceptable to the league office.

“We contacted them to remind them that everyone has a responsibility to respect the game,” NFL executive vice president Ray Anderson said Thursday night. “We expect it to be adhered to this weekend and forevermore.”

So in essence, be nice to the referees even though they may be screwing with your team’s chance to win. Yeah, that should be easy to do, Ray.

And also, who still says “forevermore”, Ray?

At any rate, here’s what could happen to coaches that are not nice to referees that may be screwing with their team’s chance to win:

Asked what would happen if another coach berated another replacement referee this weekend, Anderson said: “If someone were to make that mistake, he would be flagged on the field and he would be hearing from our office in a very firm way.”

Whatever, Ray.

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  1. Hey Roger Goodell and owners of teams ,
    How about you(Roger and owners) start being considerate of us the fans and bring the real refs back with the pay and benefits they deserve and we the fans deserve with quality games by having the best refs running and controlling your product(NFL) on the field .

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