The Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders’ uniforms will look unlike any other cheerleaders’ uniform in the NBA

It has become evident that the Brooklyn Nets are on a mission to create a persona starkly different from the one they had while playing in New Jersey. There are the new black and white jerseys, the rustic Barclays Center, and the thought by some that the franchise is cool. Which was all done not by accident.

But all of those changes weren’t apparently enough for the Nets. They also decided that their cheerleaders’ uniform needed a change. Namely, the uniforms needed to be “feminine and strong”. So they turned to designer David Dalrymple to create the new look for the Brooklynettes which entails boots, studded fingerless gloves, zippers and latex.

“The uniforms are feminine and strong,” said the costumes’ designer, David Dalrymple, who has worked with fashion icon Patricia Field for decades, collaborating on costumes for “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada.”

“This isn’t palm trees and sunshine. It’s New York City, and it’s Brooklyn. It’s a different sensibility. We go hard,” the designer said.

So we’re now going hard when it comes to cheerleader uniforms? We never got that memo.

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  1. great porn starlet lineup you got there

    • Cheri McCurdy says:

      Really!?! Why do cheerleadiers have to look like they are set and ready for an evening of S and M!! Strong and Sexy? Give me a break! Some cheerleaders would rather be known as talented and inspiring! I think this is definetly the wrong road for “Cheerleaders” to be traveling down! Not all sport’s fans in this day and age are sex starved Men!! Get with the times and stop trying to sexualize those who are supposed to be keeping the moral of ALL fans up. Personally, I am totally turned off by overly sexualized cheerleading uniforms. Maybe we should go back to the short, shorts that the male basketball players were wearing in the 70’s. Professional sport organizations need to recognize that not all sports fans are men, and women would like to be supportive of cheerleaders as well: as long as they are inspiring spirit not sex!!!

    • Ill Will says:

      I think this is a great idea. WHat is sports but a mans entertainment and along with a good game men want to see women! Beautiful woman shaking that thang for our enjoyment in between breaks in the game action! If you got a problem with it, keep it to yourself,sucka. Long live sports and hot women!

  2. orangeNblack says:

    Reminds me of the XFL, a failed NFL experiment. But I can’t say I’d be hatin’ on these girls cheering on my court. Guess I need to see more to make a final opinion! lol

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