Steve Spurrier doesn’t need to take questions from the media

Steve Spurrier is a man that marches to the beat of his own drum. It’s widely known that the man does and says whatever he wants. And it appears that at this moment in the season, Spurrier feels that he doesn’t need to take questions from the media.

Not because his team, which is undefeated and ranked No. 6 in both polls, is struggling. But because Steve Spurrier just doesn’t do things he doesn’t want to do.

South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier refused to take questions for a second straight session with the media, doubling up Sunday on the trend he began during Saturday’s post-game session after the sixth-ranked Gamecocks defeated Missouri 31-10.

Spurrier started his regularly scheduled Sunday teleconference as always with about a five-minute review of the previous day’s contest, an update on player injuries and a look ahead to the Gamecocks next opponent, Kentucky.

And then Spurrier said, “I believe that covers it all. I don’t need to take questions.”

That’s cold Spurrier. Ice cold. And what happened next is even colder.

Spurrier hung up as callers began to protest.

And that, my friends, is Steve Spurrier in a nutshell.

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  1. What exactly is SS in a nutshell? The fact that he’s “cold?” He’s faced with some media challenges in the SC area, not the least of which is a certail sports writer who cherry picks the negative aspects of the program and chooses to highlight them in the local paper. Bad idea, huh? My guess he was sending a message and not the “No questions for Lord Spurrier” type to some and not all of the media. I think he’s trying to deflect any disctactors away from his team and re-direct them his way. He’d rather take the lick than threaten the team’s success with negativity.

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