Some Packers fans are protesting last night’s game outside of Lambeau Field

Earlier this morning, a few Packers fans showed up outside of Lambeau Field to protest Green Bay’s controversial 14-12 loss to Seattle. And though the crowd wasn’t impressive, or more than six people, the few that gathered got Green Bay Press-Gazette reporter Charles Davis’ attention.

So Davis ventured out to Lambeau to let the protestors explain their feelings on last night’s game.

Spoiler alert: They’re not happy.

“I’m disappointed with the integrity of the game,” Tyler Detke, 22, of Green Bay said this morning as he held green and yellow signs along Lombardi Avenue in front of the stadium atrium.

Detke said he was upset with the way the game ended and went to a store to buy about 20 poster boards with family and friends. The group of four came to the stadium just after midnight with signs that read ‘WE WERE ROBBED IN SEATTLE’ and ‘Speechless IN Seattle.’ Two others joined them this morning.

“We’re trying to get the (original) refs back. With the refs that we have now, they’re not qualified to do the job like the other refs are. They’re high school and college officials,” said Seth Wagnitz, 24, of Green Bay. Wagnitz is Detke’s brother.

“We really need the refs back because now it has cost us a game and that shouldn’t be happening,” he added.
Wagnitz and others plan on protesting through early afternoon today in front of Lambeau Field.

“I think they’re going to see the budget isn’t as important as they thought it was. They do need to play a little bit more for quality,” said Alicia Schadrie, 25, of Green Bay. “They’re going to the bottom and we’re getting what they’re paying for.”

Here is video from the impromptu protest.

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