Scottie Pippen’s Chicago birthday party ended with a dance-off between Pippen and Michael Jordan

On Monday night, Bulls great Scottie Pippen celebrated his 47th birthday at Chicago’s “Sunda” restaurant. Along with other Bulls and NBA names, Pippen was surprised by former teammate Michael Jordan at the surprise party that was thrown by Pippen’s wife Larsa. Which, if we’re honest, is not all that interesting.

But things apparently got infinitely more interesting as the night went on and culminated with the two NBA Hall of Famers ending the night with a dance-off.

Bulls family, including team president Michael Reinsdorf and his wife, Nancy, NBA power broker William “World Wide Wes” Wesley, Antoine Walker, Ahmad Rashad, and new Bulls recruit and Chicago native Nazr Mohammed gathered to celebrate at the club with Pippen. Sources told us the fun night ended with a dance-off between Jordan and Pippen to the Trey Songz and Fabolous song, “Say Ahh.”

We’ll just go ahead and inform everyone that we need to see this with our own eyes. So if you happen to have video of this, please send it our way.

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  1. WOW, look at michael jordan’s POTBELLY. this guy looks like a serious couch potato. it’s hanging over his belt! LMAO!

  2. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Here is a link to the Oprah clip of MJ and Pippen dancing.

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