Robert Horry doesn’t think the Lakers will make it to the NBA Finals this season

We know it’s football season and there’s plenty of time to debate who is the favorite in the NBA going into the season. But when a former player who has 7 NBA titles weighs in on the debate, we stop and listen.

While many believe that the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash catapults the Lakers to favorite status to win the West, and maybe even to with the Finals, former Laker Robert Horry thinks differently. In fact, in an interview with India Today, Horry reveals that he doesn’t think the Lakers will even make the Finals. In his view, the Thunder are still the favorite in the West because the Lakers lack significant contributors off the bench.

“I don’t think the Lakers are going to be in the NBA Finals, despite Howard and Nash. To go deep into the play-offs, you need a strong bench, not just a great starting line-up. I still believe (last year’s runner-up) Oklahoma City Thunder are the favourites in the Western Conference, and (champions) Miami of course have just gotten stronger with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.

You pick up history and you’ll see the bench that outplays its opponents usually wins,” Horry told Mail Today.

Horry makes a solid point, but the argument could be made that the Miami Heat just won a championship without a very deep bunch.

And don’t forget, the Lakers have added respectable pieces in Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks and were able to re-sign Jordan Hill. Is that enough? Maybe not. But again, it’s been proven that a strong starting five can sometimes hide a weak bench.

H/T Lakers Nation

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  1. sounds like sour grapes Robert.

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