Retired NFL referee Jerry Markbreit says Roger Goodell doesn’t care about player safety

With each week that passing, the displeasure of replacement referees continues to grow. What was once just fans making snarky remarks on social media has not morphed into former players making bold statements about how the NFL is handling all of this. And now we can add retired NFL referees to the every growing list of groups willing to question the NFL’s use of replacement referees.

In an interview with Jim J. Corbett of USA Today, retired referee Jerry Markbreit voiced his displeasure with the replacement referees and flat out states that Roger Goodell and the NFL doesn’t care about player safety.

“These players deserve to go out there and give it their all and just worry about playing and winning games and not have to worry about some ancillary replacements who’ve never officiated a pro game before.

“These kids aren’t getting a fair shake from the league.

“These replacements miss a roughing the passer and it’s not called, the guy is going to come in and do the same thing to him again because he knows there is no penalty.

“Commissioner Roger Goodell and (league counsel) Jeff Pash, who met with some of our negotiating guys for two days this week, accomplished nothing.

“It’s incredible they could jeopardize the safety and integrity of the league. My only conclusion is that they just don’t care.”

Once again, someone once affiliated with the NFL is accusing Goodell of “not caring”. Does Goodell care? We may never really know. But it’s surely looking like he doesn’t.

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