Raiders fan gets married in the only way you’d expect a Raiders fan to get married

What you’re about to see is the wedding ceremony of Oakland Raiders fan “Gorilla Rilla”. And if you just take a moment and think about every picture you’ve ever seen of Raiders fans at a Raiders’ game and visualize them at a wedding. That’s what went down.

So in other words, it’s exactly what you’d expect to see at a Raiders fan’s wedding.

First, we have the groom, “Gorilla Rilla” making his way down the aisle.

Here’s “Gorilla Rilla” with his new bride “Jungle Jane”.

And now, the first dance.

Finally, the obligatory performance by 4-Dub.

And that my friends is how Raiders fans get married.

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  1. Golic's Butt says:

    Wow, something to show the grandkids 20 years from now

  2. LLRaiderette says:

    I was there to witness this beautiful union. I am always thankful to be a part of a beautiful Raider event full of love and with all My Raider family.

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