Pat Shurmur is blaming everyone but Brandon Weeden for Weeden’s dismal performance in week one

We’ve already discussed Brandon Weeden’s horrible performance against the Eagles on Sunday. And we’ve also discussed that despite Weeden insisting that he wasn’t overwhelmed, we believe he was. With those out-of-the-way, it’s now time to hear what Browns head coach Pat Shurmur thinks of all this.

Of course, he’s disappointed and spouts the normal coach-speak that you would expect. But more importantly, Shurmur has a contrarian view on who should shoulder the blame for his rookie quarterback’s performance. Instead of blaming Weeden, he’s blaming the offensive players around Weeden.

We’ll begin with Shurmur’s criticism of receiver Greg Little who dropped a pass on the goal line in the second quarter that should have been a touchdown. Instead, it turned into Weeden’s first interception of the game.

“When the ball hits you in the neck, you’ve got to catch it,” said Shurmur of Little, whose 12 drops ranked second in the NFL last season.

Now here’s Shurmur’s criticism of fullback Owen Marecic who dropped a ball on a third down that forced the Browns to give the ball back to the Eagles right before the half. Which ultimately lead to an Eagles score.

“That was poor execution all around,” Shurmur said. “The ball was thrown to the fullback — not a perfect throw, but catchable. So all in all that was just bad football.”

We’ll move to Shurmur’s criticism of receiver Travis Benjamin who Shurmur says didn’t fight to break up two interceptions by Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie on underthrown balls by Weeden.

“If the ball is thrown in a position where the defender has a good chance to get it that ball needs to be defended by the receiver,” Shurmur said.

And just for good measure Shurmur has a word for any Browns fans that may be “clamoring” for backup quarterback Colt McCoy.

“Clamoring for Colt? Brandon Weeden is our starter and he’s going to get better, that’s what I’m going to tell them.”

Looks like Pat Shurmur is all in on Brandon Weeden.

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  1. No Guts No Glory, I could not think of a better site to house this Shurmur story. Him & Weeden both have a lack of guts and they are certainly not going to find any glory with the way Weeden is playing….

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