Officer fired for posting details of Dabo Swinney traffic stop

A Pickens Police Department officer was fired on Monday after he posted details of a traffic stop of Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. Swinney was cited by the officer for speeding in the parking lot of Bi-lo in Pickens on Monday, Sept. 3. Swinney’s vehicle was clocked going 63 mph in a 35 mph zone on S.C. 8.

When word of the traffic stop hit the internet, the officer decided to post his version of the events on (which has been taken down) because he “wanted to clear the air for all involved.”

The officer said he believed Swinney “thought he would be excused for the violation and continue to his appointment.” He said Swinney and his brother were asked to have a seat in the vehicle, which they did not. The officer also said the Bi-lo store manager approached him and told him a city official was on the phone and would like to speak with him, but the officer declined.

According to the officer, Swinney’s brother said that he was a retired Alabama police officer with more than 30 years of experience and asked the officer to take the fact into consideration.

After placing the citation in his vehicle, the officer said, Swinney gave the officer “what I would call an unfriendly glare, shook his head and proceeded to enter Bi-lo.” The officer said after Swinney entered the store, his brother once again approached the officer, expressing disappointment in his actions as a police officer.

The officer, who had been recently promoted, was fired for “violation of city computer policy, violation of code of ethics and violation of general orders”.

Here is the dashcam video of the traffic stop.

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