NFL now dealing with off-the-field issues with replacement referees

The on-the field issues that replacement referees have are well publicized. So there isn’t a need to beat that dead horse. They’re making mistakes; end of story.

But it’s the off-the-field stuff that is beginning to overshadow their on-the-field performance.

Last month, we questioned whether the NFL had done background checks on their replacement referees after negative details about two referee’s past employment came to light. And now, there are two new reports of referees being pulled from games because conflicts of interest.

The first report revolves around Brian Stropolo, pictured to the left. Stropolo is an avid Saints fan according to his now deleted Facebook page. He is also a replacement referee. Stropolo was pulled from Sunday’s Saints-Panthers game after ESPN informed the league that they had scheduled a Saints fan to referee a game involving his favorite team. The NFL seemingly had no idea about Stropolo’s Saints fandom even though the information was readily available through his public Facebook page.

The second report revolves around Jeff Sadorus, an official that worked the Seahawks-Cardinals game from Week 1. That game ended on a controversial note with the Seahawks being awarded an extra timeout incorrectly. And now it’s being reported that Sandorus “has officiated Seahawks regular-season practices for the past three years and therefore received paychecks from the team.” Again, something that the NFL seemingly had no idea about despite the fact that it wouldn’t be too hard to find out.

So again we ask, did the NFL do any due diligence on these replacement refs?

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