Mel Kiper: “Alabama is a little overrated”

Mel Kiper is in the NFL draft business. That’s his thing. He evaluates individual player and gives his opinion on whether those individual players will be able to make the jump to the NFL game.

But for some reason, Kiper decided he would step outside of his thing and talk BCS championship hopefuls in a live chat on on Wednesday. And let’s just say, it’s become a big deal in the state of Alabama.

It all played out when DeCaprio in Ohio asked Kiper the following question:

Is it a forgone conclusion that Alabama wins another National Championship? They seem to be in a class of their own?

And instead of Kiper easing his way into this one, he went at the question head on.

I disagree. I think there’s an overreaction to Alabama right now. They beat a depleted Michigan team and depleted Arkansas team. Alabama has not been tested yet, even though people want to act like these were statement games. At Missouri won’t be easy. At LSU. At Tennessee. Those aren’t easy games. I think Alabama is a little overrated. I hate to say that, because Nick Saban is one of the best coaches out there.

Kiper is definitely entitled to his own opinion. And at the end of the day, it may be proven that he was right. But Kiper just doesn’t understand what he’s gotten himself into.

The news of Kiper calling Alabama overrated hit shortly after the chat had finished and as of this post, there are 550 comments on the story. Most of which read like this:

This is the same Mel Kiper that once told us that Tom Brady would never amount to anything in the NFL. 5 Super Bowls, a couple of MVP’s later, I still haven’t heard ol Mel say he was wrong…So anything else he says I take with a very large grain of salt.

And this:

Speaking of over rated….

His barber comes to mind….

Yeah, Mel Kiper doesn’t understand what he just got himself into.

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  1. While Mel Kiper can sometimes give great insight, he does have a tendency to fumble at times, the Brady comment in the article shows this. I think he has fumbled once again in this statement.

    Michigan was supposed to be a “test” for Alabama, they absolutely dominated them. Michigan is also not a depleted team… they weren’t ranked 8th coming into the season for nothing. With Arkansas, he makes a much better argument, they aren’t the same team they were last year.

    Alabama is insanely talented this year, this is a fact we all know. But the way they have played through the first part of the season is something I think very few people expected. People knew they would be good, but did we know they would be this good? I certainly didn’t. Now I’m no expert, but I would like to think I have a rather large amount of sports knowledge.

    Mel Kiper is a great draft projector, he definitely does his homework, but I think with all the time he spends on focusing on individual talent, he neglects the talent of an entire team, in my opinion.

    I also would like to say that if Alabama had a more capable QB, this wouldn’t even be a topic being discussed.

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