Matt Forte is upset that he’s not getting goal line carries

We’re used to fantasy owners being upset when their running back is pulled from the game just as they have an opportunity for a goal line carry. But rarely do you hear about players themselves being upset.

Well, Matt Forte seems to be upset about his lack of goal line touches saying, “It’s been happening my whole career here, so I don’t know.”

In Sunday’s game, Forte was taken out twice on the goal line and was forced to watch from the sideline as Michael Bush scored two touchdowns. On the first drive of those drives, Forte broke a 32-yard run and then later broke a 15-yard run putting the ball at the 1-yard line. Bush then trotted on the field and scored the first of his two touchdowns.

We can see why Forte is frustrated, but he had to see this coming. Bush is a bigger, more physical back than Forte so it’s clear that the Bears see Bush as a short yardage goal line back. And according to head coach Lovie Smith, Forte may need to get used to watching from the sideline in goal line situations because Michael Bush is going to get his carries.

“It’s good to have a player like Michael, period, all over the field,’’ coach Lovie Smith said. “That’s why we brought him in here.’’

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