Mathias Kiwanuka thinks Jason Pierre-Paul could be a “30-sack guy”

Jason Pierre-Paul put up monster numbers last season- 86 tackles and 16½ sacks. But believe it or not, he thinks he’s only reached 50% of his potential.

Now, it’s one thing when a player recognizes that he still has room to improve. In fact, if anyone should recognize that, it should be the player themselves. But it’s another when teammates acknowledge that even after the type of season Pierre-Paul, he could do much more.

Jorge Castillo of The Star Ledger recently spoke to Pierre-Paul’s teammate, Mathias Kiwanuka about Pierre-Paul’s notion that he’s only reached 50% of his potential and he agreed. But Kiwanuka didn’t stop there. He also went as far as to say that he could see Pierre-Paul having a 30-sack season.

“A 30-sack guy?” Giants linebacker and part-time defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka asked.

“He could be. Absolutely,” Kiwanuka continued. “He definitely has the potential to be one of the best ever. There’s so much that goes into it that’s out of his control so you don’t want to jinx him or anything like that, but if the kid keeps working and God’s on his side and he stays healthy, we expect to see great things out of him.”

Definitely a statement that the rest of the NFC East doesn’t want to see come to fruition.

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