Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke doesn’t think too highly of ESPN

In an interview with the National Post, Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke spent 99.9% of the interview talking about the possible NHL lockout and where the Leafs are head. The other 0.01% was spent responding to the Maple Leafs finishing last among professional franchises in ESPN’s Ultimate Team Rankings.

To be fair, the rankings are mainly put together based on feedback from fans so Burke shouldn’t REALLY be upset with ESPN per se. And maybe he isn’t. Well, yes he is. But that didn’t stop him from using that 0.01% of the interview to unload on ESPN about their hockey knowledge and coverage.

What was your reaction to ESPN ranking the Leafs as the worst franchise in sport?

“I don’t think ESPN knows a single thing about hockey. I think their hockey coverage stinks. I don’t think they know anything about Canada. I don’t think they know anything about hockey.”

As Puck Daddy points out, this isn’t Burke’s first rodeo when it comes to unloading on ESPN. He took the opportunity to do so in 2010 as well when discussing the NHL leaving ESPN for Versus.

“ESPN dumped us,” Burke said. “Everybody talks about getting back on ESPN, but I think Versus has been a great broadcast partner. I think their production is excellent and their distribution has increased.”

“I felt when we were on ESPN that they buried us on the SportsCenter package anyhow,” Burke said. “We were on right after drag racing and other things.”

Is it clear yet that Brian Burke doesn’t too much care for ESPN?

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