Last night’s Seahawks-Packers game even caused Gary Payton to lose his cool

As you may have guessed, Twitter was on fire in the moments after the Seahawks beat the Packers last night. Seahawks fans were sending celebratory tweets and Packers fans were sending pissed off tweets. And those without a dog in the fight were lamenting that these games being called by replacement referees are a joke.

Self-proclaimed 49ers fan Gary Payton is one of those without a dog in the fight. And last night he tweeted out a congratulatory tweet to Seattle on their controversial victory. Of course, a pissed off Packers fan responded in a not so kind manner and Payton just could help himself.

Predictably, Payton later deleted his tweets, but Twitter user @11wdNICK documented the exchange for all to review.

Sorry Glove, nothing is ever deleted from the internet.

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