Jim Brown finally sees greatness in Trent Richardson

During the offseason, Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown went out of his way to let everyone know that he thought Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson was just “ordinary”. Not only did he say it once, he later clarified his statement so he could add that he still didn’t see anything special with Richardson.

Of course, Richardson took the high road, but many wondered how Jim Brown didn’t see what everyone else in Cleveland was seeing.

But after a break out Week 2 performance where Richardson ran for 109 yards and touchdown, along with 36 yards receiving and a touchdown, Brown has changed his tune.

At a Browns alumni outing on Friday, Brown explained that his “ordinary” comments were designed to motivate Richardson and that he’s impressed with the rookie. AP reporter Tom Withers posted Brown’s comments on his Twitter account.

It’s about time that Brown realized that Richardson is the real deal.

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