James Dolan reportedly wants Isiah Thomas to rejoin the Knicks, but Isiah is reluctant

Alright Knicks fans there is good news and bad news in this Isiah Thomas report from Frank Isola of the NY Daily News.

The good news is that Knicks owner James Dolan has reportedly prodded Isiah Thomas to take a position with the organization, but Isiah has refused. Which should be music to Knicks fans ears, even though it’s widely known that Thomas is in Dolan’s ear 24/7.

But the bad news is that it is believed that it is just a matter of time before Isiah stops refusing and ultimately returns to the Knicks in some capacity.

“Isiah is very close with Jim Dolan but he’s told me that he’s not ready to jump back into the NBA just yet,” said the source, who was with Thomas on Friday at the Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Springfield, Mass. “There’s this perception out there that Isiah is desperate to get back, but that’s false. I think it will eventually happen but just not now.”

So why won’t Isiah take the job? According to Isola one theory is that Thomas isn’t ready for the media onslaught that would come if he were to officially return to the Knicks even as a janitor. There is also the bad blood that remains between Thomas and MSG executives stemming from the sexual harassment scandal back in 2007. So Isiah may be just waiting until the time is right.

As for Knicks fans, you better enjoy the here and now because it looks like your future will officially involve Isiah Thomas in some form or another.

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