Here’s WQAM’s Dan Sileo in full meltdown mode while discussing the state of the Miami Hurricanes

The state of football at the school formally known as “The U” is dismal at best. During the first two weeks, the Hurricanes gave up 32 points to Boston College in a win. Yes, Boston College. And this past Saturday, Kansas State dropped 52 on them.

After having to watch these two horrific events, former Hurricane defensive lineman and current WQAM radio personality, Dan Sileo has had enough. He’s tired of watching the product that the school formerly known as “The U” trots out on Saturday. And he wants to see changes.

For example, when a quarterback is attempting a quarterback sneak, he wants Hurricane players to, “Pull a knife on ’em, and stick ’em! Gauge his eyes! Hit him in the knees! Kick him in the balls! Something! Show me you care! Jesus Christ almighty.”

Yeah, it’s a complete meltdown full of NSFW language.

[Miami New Times]

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