Harvey Updyke has moved on from poisoning trees, now getting arrested on terrorizing charges

Accused tree poisoner Harvey Updyke can now add accused terrorist to his rap sheet. Updyke was arrested on September 18th in Hammond, La on charges of terrorizing. And of course, Updyke caught the charge in a very Harvey Updyke manner.

According to police, Updyke attempted to return a lawnmower to a home improvement store, which is totally normal. But things turn not so normal when Updyke becomes upset when the store manager informed him that he would only pay $100 for the lawnmower despite the fact that Updyke paid $150 for it.

From there, Updyke loses his mind and eventually tells an officer that he would “come back and take care of everyone”.

“He had a sad story,” said Hammond Police spokesman Lt. Vincent Giannobile. “He said he was going to prison anyway, he had a bad heart, and he didn’t care. He kept insinuating that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.”

According to the [police] report, he continued to tell the officer he would return to the store and “it would be his last time.”

Giannobile said the officer felt Updyke’s statements and attitude were threatening, and arrested him.

“You just don’t know what these people will do and we don’t take any chances,” Giannobile said.

Updyke was booked into Hammond City Jail at 6:21 p.m. and transferred to Amite Parish Prison on Sept. 19. Giannoble said all felony cases are transferred to the prison.

And just for good measure, Updyke also has a warrant out for his arrest on the same charge in Texas.

Guess it’s just too much Bama in him. We had to do it.

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  1. This man does not represent University of Alabama, the fans, or the state. Your jab of “too much bama” is unappreciated.

  2. robert vavla says:

    remember the old saying, we laugh and joke but we dont play. people kid around harmless stuff no problem but when it crosses the line, you dont cheap shot people a little bama really, how bout a to much crack. or maybe Chris Handsen moved his studio to Penn State

  3. mikkie Matuozka says:

    ” JUST THINK TO YOUR SELF FOR A MINUTE ! ” Did this man ever learn a (&,or) His lesson for doing a crime ? I Highly doubt it when he’s arrested in another place for trying to do the same thing ! I once was getting into trouble when I was 16- 28 & changed my ways about 25 years ago because being locked up was not my style at all ! I wanted a life & a family !, & of course you can’t do that behind bars unless your family was inmates…………………………………… ! I didn’t want that at all ! Now I am 49 yrs. old & my life is great & I wouldn’t trade it for the world……………………………………… This man needs to be locked up for awhile until he can figure out right from wrong !, Cuz I would have to say: He has no brains !, SORRY:, But that is “MY HONEST FEELING TOWARDS THIS FOOL !”

    • thx that was very honest, but the trouble here is this guy is to easy this poor smoje is letting drink and i wouldnt be surprised if they were other things at work here to, in his foggy thinking ill bet that killing the evil tree made sense. then the back lashed hit him and its killing him, in his f-up mind ill bet he saw himself as a hero and friends pating him on the back yelling get this man a drink! in all this the poor guy forgot the truth that heros only portect the weak. heros will never hear the cheers of there deeds he dose olny the screams remain. so i look at this red faced over weight man that thought he was slaying a dragon but instead ran over his nabors dog.

    • If he hasn’t learned yet; he never will ! I feel sorry for the state of Alabama because every time he is in the news for doing whatever, people will think of him poisoning the trees, & coming up with a lame ass excuse for doing it !

  4. I’m not from Alabama and I found the comment “too much ‘bama insulting. That comment belongs in the same low class as Jap, Wop, Spic, and any other term of non-endearment one can think of. At the very least, the writer, s. evans, owes the people of Alabama an apology. Better yet, maybe s. evans next assignemnt should be writing want ads, maybe looking for some sensitivity.

  5. I think the phrase “too much Bama” fitting. Anyone who has to put up with these people year round can certainly agree. Their obsession with the simple game of football is a year round life-ruling condition which certainly affects their judgement at times.

  6. HOLD ON HERE – he was CHARGED / ARRESTED for saying something! Really??!! What’s next, will I get arrested for typing on a blog that I really hate _____ ??? Hello socialist state!

    • “HOLD ON HERE – he was CHARGED / ARRESTED for saying something! Really??!! What’s next, will I get arrested for typing on a blog that I really hate _____ ??? Hello socialist state!”

      Do you really think he whas charged and or arrested for just talking? you can’t be this dense. He made implied threats that he was going to come back and do something. That he didnt have anything to lose by doing something. Free speech is not protected if you threaten or harrass someone

  7. “I’m not from Alabama and I found the comment “too much ‘bama insulting”
    ” s. evans, owes the people of Alabama an apology. Better yet, maybe s. evans next assignemnt should be writing want ads, maybe looking for some sensitivity.”

    You do realize that updyke’s taglines are “Roll Damn Tide” and “too much Bama in me”? So how is it insulting to use a phrase, he says himself, to describe him again?

  8. “Too much Bama”…… Come on you idiot, and everyone else who thinks that comment was right on target. We have everyone from the great north moving here and no one wants to go back either, but they will tell us what we are doing wrong and how we should be doing it, shut the heck up….I take offense to the comment not from Boston….. The most rude people I have encountered ever are from Boston……. Football is football, this jerk Updyke did something no one I know of would do either Auburn or Alabama, a lot of us just like a friendly rivalry and enjoy it. So don’t put the redneck for everyone in south Brendon. We all think you’re and idiot, I bet you’ve never been to Alabama. On second thought don’t come, we wouldn’t like you anyway…….

  9. Look, I am from Alabama and a Bama fan. I also like Auburn -they are a good school and both of these Universitys support our State and represent SEC Football. Yes, we are a football State and some people say “its a religion” down here. No harm in that-we love our football like the Northern States love their Hockey or NFL teams. Hell, I love Hockey too-we just don’t have it much down here. This is about Updyke and his Criminal behavior! This guy Updyke is a nut and he does not represent what we true Alabama Football fans believe-none of us (that have good sense) would ever think of doing something so awful! Those trees on Tumor Corner are a true “tradition” for the Auburn fans, I have even rolled them (in my college days) going down to see my friends on the plains. If Updyke made a threat-and because of his criminal past-he deserved to go to jail. End of story! ROLL TIDE Everyone-God Bless!

    • steve williams says:

      sounds pretty good, but how come most of the crap that comes up about southern/alabama schools, are from alabama fans? like that moron ua fan who pulled his dick out in front of everyone at the krystal after the bsc game last year, and started rubbing it on the passed out lsu guy! or the ua fan who shot and killed a lsu fan 3 years ago in south-central alabama, around evergreen, al, just because the lsu fan drank his-ua fan’s last beer? just saying, not ua supporters greatest moments. take care. go mocs!

      • Steve,
        I have to agree with you that there are some fans from the University of Alabama that have taken things way too far. Again, these are isolated incidents and most people out there will agree, this is not of the norm. I also think this happens more than we know in other colleges/universities we just don’t always hear about them. Alabama has acquired a fantastic football program since Coach Saben arrived 5 years ago, therefore, the University & fans seem to get a lot more publicity and I’m sure you agree. And to BA, I didn’t take offense to “too much bama” like some of the others, I am more disgusted by the fact that it’s idiots like this Updyke guy that give the state of Alabama and their fans a bad name.

        AGAIN ROLL TIDE!! (War Eagle to you Auburn Fans-I pray everyday that Toomers Corner survives!)

  10. What an IDIOT!

    “I ain’t never been nothing but a winner.”

  11. Curt Shilling says:

    Where’d you get my picture?

  12. For all the idiots complaining about the “Too much Bama in him” line, it is referencing when Harvey Updyke went on the air to apologize. He referenced the quote by Tommy Lewis when asked why he came off the sidelines to tackle a Rice player in the 1954 Cotton Bowl, he said “I don’t know what I was thinking, I just had too much ‘Bama in me.”

    Full Updyke quote:
    “I just want to tell them that really and truly I’m not a bad person. I’m an Alabama fan. Tommy Lewis in the ’54 Cotton Bowl, he come off the bench and tackled the Rice player that was running down the field 20 yards in front of everybody else. They asked him later, ‘Tommy why’d you do it?’ He said, ‘I just had too much ‘Bama in me.’ All my life, people have told me I cared too much about Alabama.”

    Don’t get mad at the author because you can’t get the reference

  13. Milliondollarfan says:

    So I guess Jerry Sandusky is emblematic of people in the northeast. Which are you, a tree hater or a child molester?

  14. To you it may be a joke, but for many of us, we do not want to be associated with this man any more than any of you want to be associated with the notoriety of those in your own state. Every state has them! Yes, he may have said it, but s. evans, your use of the word “him”, negated the fact it was his words. If you were not trying to be cute with your words, why then did you also state “to much bama in me” when you misspelled a word. Is that an assumption that those from Alabama cannot spell? In addition, the comment, ” Besides, it’s a joke. Most people realize that.” Implies that the one commenting is unreasonable and cannot take a joke. S. Evans when I was in college I learned how to write without bias, maybe you should take a refresher course. I loved following your sports stories until now. I do know how to take a joke, when the author understands how to execute one with tact.

  15. Unfortunately, this idiot wasn’t even born in Alabama; He was born in Florida. My mom and dad went to junior college with him back in the 60’s-in Brewton, AL(he never attended the University of Alabama). They told me he was nuts back then too- showing up to class wearing a german helmet with a spike on it. It seem that Mr. Updyke has been mentally troubled for a while.
    While I do understand that he has said that he has too much “bama” in him in the past-referring to the delusional fanatical thoughts about UA, this article is about him being a potential danger to others or even himself, as well as committing crimes.
    I’m from Alabama, born and raised and am a huge Crimson Tide fan, but to have an article say this man has “Too much Bama” in him when he is committing crimes is more than insulting to the rest of the Bama Nation who conduct themselves in a positive manner, it’s down right rude.
    There are nut jobs in every fan base, and unfortunately this one has been getting more attention than he should.

  16. I can’t believe this insanity is still going on!

    Alabama Grid Iron Girl

  17. hayseed bayou billy from bama says:

    this guy obviously using comment to make a little fun of bama.lighten up alabamians people who choose to pre judge us should be felt sorry for.their unenlightened brains have forgotten themselves.when the righteous fall we’ll all have a ball.and teenage style comebacks should be recognised as just that.

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