Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland allegedly called a fan an “A-hole” during Sunday’s game against the Raiders

As evidenced by their protest outside the Dolphins team facility in March, it’s quite clear that the remaining Dolphins fans in Miami are a passionate group. So it shouldn’t surprise you that one of those passionate Dolphins fans corned Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland during halftime of the Dolphins-Raiders game at Sun Life Stadium.

The passionate fan who identified himself as “Sean” called into 790/104.3 The Ticket on Tuesday to explain his exchange with Ireland. Ireland, for the most part kept his cool as Sean expressed his disappointment with the direction of the franchise and that he’s been a season ticket holder for many years. But that all changed when Sean suggested that Ireland, “fire himself”.

According to Sean, he expressed to Ireland how he’s been a season ticket holder for many years, cited a few of Ireland’s bad roster moves and, in an admittedly moment of fan frustration, suggested Ireland fire himself.

At this Ireland patted Sean on the back, reportedly said, “Good suggestion,” turned, walked away and said, “Asshole.”

After Sean relayed his story, other callers chimed in corroborating Sean’s story. One caller even said Ireland was followed by a few drunk fans who began to chant “Fireland!” before he threatened to have them thrown out of the stadium. That particular part of the story can’t be verified. In fact, none of it can, really. But several callers telling Reed this story and then Sean calling in and giving details of the account should be proof enough.

There may not be a lot of them, but boy are those Dolphins fans passionate about their team.

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