Despite throwing four interceptions, Brandon Weeden insists he wasn’t overwhelmed

In case you missed it, here is the stat line Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden put up against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday

12-35 for 118 yards with 1 interception, 1 fumble and a quarterback rating of 5.1

And though it was clear from the moment that Weeden got caught under the America flag during pregame that Weeden was in for a rough day, he insisted to Bud Shaw of The Plain Dealer that he wasn’t overwhelmed in his first NFL start. He just needs to play better.

“The outcome wasn’t what I wanted,” Weeden said, “but I wasn’t overwhelmed.”

“I’ll be the first one in the building tomorrow [to watch film].”

Browns coach Pat Shumur also attempted to downplay Weeden’s dismal performance by adding that he wasn’t disappointed by Weeden at all.

“I wasn’t disappointed in the way he played quarterback,” Shurmur said. “I was disappointed in just a lot of the bad plays we had.”

Look, Brandon Weeden is a rookie quarterback so he will struggle. But when you look around the league at the other rookie’s performances on Sunday, it’s safe to say that Weeden was overwhelmed.

Which is perfectly fine. He’s a rookie. We’re sure that Luck, RG3 and Russell Wilson will be overwhelmed at some point this season as well. So we’re not sure why they can’t just admit it.

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  1. Coming from an eagles fan that watched vick throw 4 picks also. Weeden definitely was NOT overwhelmed. Vick looked shaken all game. Yeah weeden made mistakes with those picks which ended pretty good drives. But he looked very comfortable in the pocket. These stats are so extreme that people wont pay attention to how the player actually looked during game time situations. He didn’t seem rattled after the first couple picks either. Theres a lot to improve on but I think browns fans should be pleased they have a simi-legit quarterback in there.

    • “Pretty good drives”? Maybe one at the beginning of the game. After that, there was mostly 3 and out. 2 of 11 on 3rd down conversions doesn’t produce drives, just punts. And those passes sailing 5 feet over the heads of receivers weren’t catchable passes that a “semi-legit” QB would throw.

  2. He may not be overwhelmed but he certainly plays bad. He just isn’t ready for the NFL yet, the transition from college to the pros is much tougher than ya think…The Browns made a huge mistake starting Weeden…

    • I think they need to go to the backup when Weeden is self destructioning.
      Leaving him in the 2nd half after a terrible 1st half waa not a confidence builder.
      He can learn without throwing him to the dogs.

      • Even the TV broadcasters were calling for McCoy by half time. Saving Weeden from himself and saving a win for the Browns would have been a good idea even if Weeden didn’t think he was overwhelmend.

  3. Shumur is not going to play McCoy and admit he made a mistake of naming Weeden the starter before pre season.Holmgren should never have let Shumur tell him to take another quarterback that early in the draft since the quarterback wasn’t the real problem and Holmgren should have known this from being an ex coach.Shumur and his ego is the biggest problem.

    • Absolutely, Mike. Especially since Weeden was projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. But suppose we could redo the last 2 drafts.

      If we hadn’t traded the 6th pick to Atlanta in 2011, we could have drafted Julio Jones ( who will probably be a break out all star wr this year). That would mean Jones instead of Phil Taylor, but we’ve learned to get along without him.

      We also wouldn’t have Little or Weeden. But we’d have a little better O-line, Benjamin and Gordon plus a likely all Pro Wide Receiver. in Jones and a more experienced McCoy who arm is at least as strong as Ryan’s in Atlanta — with better protection and the ability to make good decisions, read defensive coverage, protect the ball. He has completed longer passes than Weeden this year and has a much better completion % for passes over 10 yards.

      I think we’d be in a much better place and 1 and 0 to start the season. The only difference is that management couldn’t blame last year on McCoy.

  4. I think there is a big problem with the whole picture. They need to figure out what the problem is and devise a solution to solve the problem. It’s a lot like when you hear a clunking sound that maybe coming from the engine, you do some tests or diagnose the problem. When the problem is determined or in this case the clunking sound is a loose engine bolt, you replace the bolt and the problem is fixed. The Browns needs to diagnose the problem immediately, before it gets worse.

    It appears the problem is the coach, Pat Shurmur. He consistently makes poor decisions. For example, he challenged a call still 11 mins and they are ahead by 6 pts. on the 3rd quarter based on fans reaction on a replay. He lost the challenge and subsequently lost a time out.

    Shurmur is definitely the problem and perhaps Mike Holmgren. To fix the problem both must go.

    • Rachel, I think you’ve definitely found the source of that clunking sound in the Browns organization. What a great way of looking at it! Thanks, hoping for repairs in October.

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