CT scan reveals Jerry Lawler did not suffer any brain damage

After Jerry Lawler collapsed during Monday night’s taping of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, there were fears that Lawler had suffered brain damage because of the amount of time Lawler’s brain went without oxygen. But according to WMCT in Memphis, result of a CT scan show that those fears did not become a reality.

Friends, family, and fans have been on pins and needles awaiting Jerry “The King” Lawler’s CT scan results. According to Joe Cooper, who is Lawler’s best friend and business partner, the results are in.
Cooper says Lawler does not have brain damage as a result of his heart attack Monday night.

The wrestling icon has been stabilized in a Montreal hospital. Family members tell us he is heavily sedated after having heart surgery Tuesday, but he is responding to them and is even squeezing his girlfriend’s hand.

Obviously good news for Lawler and his family.

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